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Decals 1:48th Scale

Why is this Luftwaffe Officer sneering with arrogant contempt for the enemy?............. because the Nazis are winning the War! 

"ATL (Alternate Time Line), is a paradoxical blend of 'Edelweiss', apple strudel.....and excreta."



dimensions 4*6 inches (approx.)

Note: This decal is printed to order. Please allow 1 week for production unless prior arrangements have been made.














Alternate Time Line

The Sneering NAZI

Gold Fighter Clasp Edition

Alternate Time Line is a new decal series illustrating an alternate version of history where Nazi Germany far from being defeated in 1945 was a formidable opponent occupying ‘Fortress Europe’, large tracts of Russia, the Mediterranean and North Africa.

In our alternate history scenario we have the opportunity to see these late war aircraft in a new light, adorned with camouflage from theatres of war that had long since been lost.

The most significant of these new ‘wonder weapon’ aircraft was the Me 262, the first operational jet fighter to enter service. Our first 1/48 scale decal in the series illustrates this most potent fighter, in service with I./JG27 in North Africa where it dominated the clear, azure blue skies  during 1945.

Two aircraft are covered by the decal, the first is ‘Rote 5’ Wr.Nr 170666 from 2./JG27 flown by Oblt. Lutz Streicher, an arrogant, coarse Bavarian and fervent Nazi who always carried a large bull-whip with him. His personal emblem painted on the port side of the fuselage below the cockpit depicted a female, Negro native. Streichers most recent aerial victory was a No. 112 Squadron, RAF, P-51D Mustang shot down near Benghazi. Its pilot was a young, Yorkshire lad, Sgt. Eric ‘Parky’ Parkinson who scrambled out of his doomed aircraft at the last minute and parachuted to safety.

‘White 3’ Wr.Nr 170607 from 1./JG27 was flown by Lt. Dieter Hoffmann who had notched up 12 ‘kills’  after only 5 operational flights with the Staffel. His personal emblem was an attractive nude ‘pin-up’ named ‘Ilse’.

Markings include a large sharkmouth that suits the  sleek, shark like nose so well. Camouflage scheme for both aircraft was RLM 78 and 79 with white theatre markings. This simple camouflage scheme highlighted well the sleek, graceful lines of the Me 262.

Stencils are not provided as the kits decal already provides these items.

Recommended kit: Tamiya 1/48 Me 262A-1a

Product Code: D064801
Price: $44.95 AU


Ve vill vin the vor, you decedent veaklings!







A further decal depicting another one of Streicher's 'wonder weapons' is 'In the works'.

Heinkel He 162 in 1:32nd Scale!

'We knew what the Fuhrer expected from us.......Swift as greyhounds and as HARD as Krupps steel!'

'See how Streicher bashed the Tommies out of Benghazi with the jawbone of an ASS!'

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