Pacific Spitfires

Pacific Spitfires

Premier reference on Spitfires in the antipodes. Highly respected for its original research and detail, it is the only membership based Spitfire reference website in the world.


Antipodean Hawks

Antipodean Hawks

Recognised as the leading authority on the Curtiss P-40 series of fighter aircraft in the hands of Australian pilots. And that's OFFICIAL!


Eduard's 'Aussie Eight' combo kit review click here.

Eduard's 'Aussie Eight' combo kit 1/72nd scale review click here.

First Look
Kit Review

 Revell 1:32nd scale He 162
Eleventh hour Wonder Weapon'

Nice, basic kit that builds into a pleasing model straight out of the box.


Well, not really, but it does at least get a few of the basics RIGHT. It also gets some of them WRONG and this is where things start to go pear shaped! So close and yet so far. For further info see Pacific Spitfires

Trumpeter 1:32nd Me 262 kit coming one of these days!

Lutz gives the boys at Trumpeter a hearty slap on the back, "is good yah, zer 262 vee ruled zer skies until zer final victory!"


More Nazi 'wonder weapons' in 1:48 scale.

Lutz says "You think vee vere playing cricket? nein! it voz VOR! vis an iron vill and an iron FIST!!"

1:48 Scale
Heinkel He162 A2

Coming one of these days :)


Transcript of Alistaire Winthrope-Smythe's 1978 interview with Lutz Streicher. (coming soonish:))





Spitfires in the Antipodes Blog

Take a look at the new Spitfires in the Antipodes Blog for all news, updates, articles and anything else.

See the old external blog here and the Spitfires in the Antipodes Models Blog. Please note that these external blogs are no longer being updated. For all future news, updates, etc. see the new  Spitfires in the Antipodes Blog .

If old external blog is down/deleted, see archive of the old blog here.




Briefing Notes

F.O.R. 'Briefing Notes' is an occasional publication with news and reference articles.

Overlooked by aviation historians and authors, it is however one of the most significant diagrams in the history of aviation.What is it?

Differential Colour Markings (DCM). Find out what it means to the scale modeller.

'Feathered prop?!' How to spot the difference between authoritative and amateur aviation researchers.

plus a lot more!

F.O.R Briefing Note 2008

This is the last F.O.R. 'Briefing Notes' in this format. All future 'Briefing notes' will form part of our Spitfires in the Antipodes Blog.



Reference Material
Authoritative research direct from AI

A couple of pages  from C034802  'Desert Shark Attack!' decal booklet.

A couple of pages  from A014806  'Antipodean Spitfires, No. 457 Sqn' decal booklet.






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