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November, 2017


Available NOW!!!!!!

Ideal for use with the new Airfix kit of the Tomahawk IIB. If you think Airfix kits are old and tired, think again! The latest kits from Airfix are world class, excellent quality and a real joy to build.

Product Code: C034801R
Price: $74.95 AU




October, 2017


In response to the recent release by Airfix of their excellent quality Curtiss Tomahawk IIB kit in 1/48 scale, I've revised and updated Aero Imageworks original C034801 Desert Shark Attack! decal.

This revised decal does not include national markings such as roundels and finflash, simply use the kit decal for these elements.

Decal provides shark mouth, codes, serials, stencils and personal emblems. I've also revised the markings for Clive Caldwell's aircraft to reflect new research.

Cost will be $75 AUD incl. postage. Availability will be limited so either watch this space for updates or send me an email.

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March, 2017

To see a review of Eduard's 'Aussie eight' kit in 1/48 and the new release in 1/72nd scale, go to the FOR section.

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