First look: He 162 by Revell in 1:32nd Scale.

Revell Germany recently released their 1:32nd scale version of Ernst Heinkels petite jet fighter, the He 162.

My first impressions upon opening the box was overwelmingly positive. The parts are beautifully molded in a light blue grey plastic with finely engraved panel lines and not a hint of flash or sink marks. It includes detail parts for the BMW gas turbine engine, cockpit including the ejector seat, port side cannon installation and a fine representation of the tricycle undercarriage. Overall dimension accuracy is very good. Markings appear to be well printed providing a choice of three aircraft from JG 1. As with any kit made in Europe, Swastikas are not included so you will need to raid the decal spares box or use the up coming Aero Imageworks decal sheet :).

My only disappointment in the kit was the clear parts, they appear to me to be a little bit 'thick' compared to Hasegawa kits and the main canopy parts didn't look crystal clear. A quick dip into some floor wax however gave the parts a beautiful crystal clear appearance.

How does it fit together? no problems here, all the parts fit together nicely but as with any kit, 'dry fit' and trim where necessary before applying the glue. The only thing to be careful of during construction is to ensure everything is kept in correct alignment, such as the wing dihedral and main undercarriage leg configuration.

All up it's a super kit that is an absolute 'must have' kit for anybody interested in Luftwaffe aircraft from WWII. One final point to remember, leave a large space on the shelf next to it for Trumpeters newly released Me 262 kit, what a combination!











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